Software Development Manager with twenty-year experience in scientific application development for the Oil and Gas industry. Leverages proven experience in software engineering and leadership to assist Royal Dutch Shell in developing innovative solutions and delivering value to end-users.

Sees career as creating cosmos out of chaotic processes and interactions, which are inevitable components in a multicultural and intercontinental environment. As a leader, constantly seeks creative ways to foster a dynamic work environment through an ideal mix of people, process and technology skills.

Prior to working at Royal Dutch Shell, and for fourteen years, heavily committed, as an undergraduate student, a software engineer, and finally a team leader, to the success of GOCAD, a 3D subsurface modeling application. Graduated in 1999 from Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine in Nancy, France with a PhD in Geosciences.


2014-02 to present

Software Development Manager
Shell Global Solutions B.V.
Rijswijk, South Holland, Netherlands

2010-03 to 2014-02

Software Development Manager
Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
Houston, Texas, USA

2008-08 to 2010-02

Product Development Manager
Geomodeling Technology Corporation
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

2005-07 to 2008-06

Development Team Lead
Paradigm Geophysical
Houston, Texas, USA


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