I am totally amazed. Bureaucracy is no longer a bad word for me. I have been in Canada for exactly 24 hours and during this time with minimal pain or wait (a maximum of two people in front of me at one point), I was able to obtain the following:

  1. A work permit to work in Canada (2 pages application in big letters, offer letter, passport, and $150 CAD were needed). The immigration officer was wondering why I was nervous. No kidding. This is not everyday that you get a visa in less than twenty minutes and of course, I could not remember my exact job title. Shame on me.
  2. A checking and a saving accounts (2 pieces of identification, and no deposit needed). I left the bank with my new debit card and I need to figure out how Interac is working. Apparently, it is an electronic form of payment equivalent to Paypal, where you can send money by e-mail.
  3. A Social Insurance Number (Passport and working permit). This one was really impressive. It happened in less than thirty minutes, most of the time spent waiting on a cushy chair listening to my IPod.
  4. A Library Card (An address and $12 CAD were needed). A library card is essential in this day and age. I won't have a computer until Monday and this allowed me to access a computer for free and up to two hours every day. Once I have a long term address, I will be able to check out up to 99 books at any given time.

All this was accomplished in less than 24 hours and except for the work permit that I obtain at the airport, without using a car. I walked all day. Of course, the GPS unit, I was recently offered, helped a lot. Thanks again guys!

At every step of the way, I was given the choice to receive service in French or English.

I was not able to get my driver license today because I don't have a permanent address and my Texan driver license does not indicate when I got the license for the first time. I am afraid to contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in Houston. I don't know if I can do that by phone or if I will need to go there in person. I can drive for three months with my Texas license anyway.

Tomorrow, the Stampede parade will take place downtown and my new office will be closed for the occasion. I briefly visited my colleagues this morning.

I managed to configure my router for the Internet connection in the appartment via my cellular phone and I can read my e-mail messages on my phone. Now that I retrieved my password for this blog, I should also be able to approve comments (the first comment you post needs to be approved) and post new entries.

My chumby is now working which allows me to get my daily dose of dilbert and lolcats.

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