Yesterday was a wonderful day with great weather and a nice temperature of 27C (80F). Melissa and I decided to leave for Lake Louise around noon. We took the long way out, road 1A, all the way to Canmore, where we stopped for a quick lunch. Then, after entering Banff National park we took the scenic route via Baker Creek where we found a restaurant serving a very nice apple pie with blackberries and ice cream. We drank our tea and coffee outside, enjoying the sunny weather.

Arriving near lake Louise, the temperature was 23C (73F) and we noticed a few dark clouds.

I just had time to park the car before the temperature instantly dropped to 11C (52F) and we found ourselves in an hailstorm that lasted for a good ten minutes and was followed by dogs and cats falling from the sky.

Let's just say that canoeing will be for another day...