The whole family is now safe in Calgary. We took off from Houston in the middle of the tropical storm Edouard. We landed in Calgary with a small thirty minutes delay. We have been amazed by the kindness of Canada immigration and custom officers. They were extremely friendly, helped us all the way. Because of my status, Melissa was able to obtain a working visa right away. This is a big difference with the USA where, to my understanding, workers' spouses are not allowed to work.

The cats are adjusting to the new home. They are confined to the mud room downstairs and the female (smarter than the males, this goes without saying), managed to escape the room at multiple occasions and we had to double our efforts to refrain her from escaping.

Our furniture is hopefully on its way and we should see it unloaded in about two weeks. In the mean time, we are camping in the house (sleeping bags, and all).

Today, we walked downtown for about ten kilometers to get Melissa started.

Saturday, we plan on going for a short hike. We need to enjoy the summer while it lasts...