It has been ten days since my last post. Let me give you a quick update. Last Saturday, a group of twenty two colleagues and family members went rafting on the river that goes across Calgary and which is called the Bow. Okay, it was more floating that rafting since there is no white water but it was certainly a nice way to spend a few hours. This was fun and we ended up all wet. I fought with a six year old named Michael to see who would be the toughest. Some embarrassing photos were taken and I hope they will never surface on the Internet. I cross my fingers. The temperature was above thirty degrees celcius and I managed not to burn. This was a first for me. Sunscreen is usually a disappointment.

On Sunday, I spent six hours emptying the moving truck. I mean, I watched the movers unload while I was checking off items on the list. I helped a little but given their efficiency, I was mostly impeding their work. We received all the items and we only got one item broken that we will be able to repair. I suggest you go with Allied if you need to move. They were extremely professional from A to Z and I would not go with another company.

The house looks great and seventy percent of the boxes have been unpacked. Melissa is doing wonders with the furniture and accessories.

This week, I have continued to implement Scrum at work with one of my teams and it is quite fun. There is of course more work and learning to do but I will certainly recommend you give it a try if you have a chance.

This week end, Melissa and I are probably going for a bike ride. We acquired two road bikes a fortnight ago.

I am now commuting daily by bike which reduces my commute time from forty minutes to fifteen. I still have to try the bus for the "cool" days of winter.

In other news, I will probably go to SEG in Las Vegas next November and I hope to see you there.