Device To Root Out Evil, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaThis morning, I called some of my friends and neighbors in Houston and I was glad to hear that Ike moved over Houston without too much damage, at least in the area where I used to live. However, I must exclusively report that Ike has affected Calgary in unsuspected ways and I have unaltered photographic proof to illustrate my discovery.

This morning, Melissa and I traveled to the South East of Calgary and we came across a building stuck in the ground reminding me of the scene in the Wizard of Oz right after Dorothy arrives in Munchkinland and in which the ruby-slippered Wicked Witch of the East get smashed by Dorothy's house.

I am convinced that Houston is now missing a church and that this church can be found in Calgary.

It appears that some people try to discredit my findings and have been too far in claiming that "Device to Root Out Evil, a work in steel, aluminum and glass by New York artist Dennis Oppenheim, looks like an upside-down New England church with its steeple planted in the ground."

You will certainly agree with me and I need your help to locate the site in Houston where this church comes from. Please report your findings in the comments to this post.