Today, a friend suggested that I participate in the upcoming Internet experiment called Le Baiser de La Matrice. With this experiment, Véronique Aubouy suggests that over 3,000 individuals from all over the world read a page from "À la Recherche du temps perdu" by Marcel Proust in front of a web camera. By the end of the experiment, all the words from this book would have been read in French by people from all horizons and recorded into a 170 hours movie. The shooting will take place directly on the Internet starting at noon GMT on September 27th 2008. It is open to all and she invites all of you to register on her blog and invite others to built the network map of "Baiser de la Matrice".

I registered earlier and will see where this will lead me. I will attempt to record in front of a raging wood fire in my living room.

If you speak French, why don't you just join us?