Downtown Calgary on Halloween Night from Nose Hill ParkWhile our friends in Houston appreciate the relief that comes with the fall and the drop in temperatures, we enjoy mother Nature colors and the sun whenever it is out. Obviously, it is getting colder in Calgary and we even had a couple a snow storms, a few inches of snow that lasted for a few days. Yesterday was exceptionnaly gorgeous and our star was kind enough to radiate its warmth all over the house. The cats are craving such attention and they were following the rays like well programmed phototropic robots.

By sunset, we went for a walk into Nose Hill park, which is one of the largest municipal parks in North America. To my surprise, you can find solitude there. The snow capped mountains block the western horizon  and downtown lays at its feet to the south.

In Calgary, Fall marks the beginning of the new season for many clubs and associations. It seems that we leave the outdoors to focus again on social activities and other human beings. For example, CAMUG and APLN local chapter seasons have begun. I was privileged to present my department work during CAMUG October session and I was pleased to share the result of our work with like-minded individuals. If you live in Calgary and are into software engineering and project management, I strongly encourage you to have a look at those two organizations.