Here are two Agile articles that I found interesting, and would like to share with you. On his blog, Kai Gilb has started a series of posts entitled "7 truths about Agile and Scrum that people don't want to hear" The first part, Wrong Focus, describes how developers should focus on providing value to stakeholders rather than creating software for the sake of developing software. It also states that the Agile Manifesto may be a cause for this wrong focus. For my part, I believe that while the creation of value falls in the developers realm, the definition of this value and its correlation with the stakeholders wants and needs is the responsibility of the Product Owner. Kai's article is very good and I am looking forward to the six other parts.

In another seven posts series, Jack Milunsky introduces us to Lean Development and describes how seven manufacturing wastes (In-process Inventory, Over-Production, Extra Processing, Transportation, Motion, Waiting, Defects) matches wastes in software development (Partially done work, Extra Features, Relearning, Handoffs, Task Switching, Delays, Bugs). His articles are well structured and informative.